k a t r i e n   o o s t e r l i n c k


creates collective performances with guided physical experiences on lifesize gameboards


Sensor / for Stangelove

SENSOR is a gamewise workshop about intimacy and senses for 20 participants and an audience in a different space. The happening creates a zone space to meet and to feel distance and proximity. Instructions are given to create this intimate choreography.

Sensor is a co-creation with Hadewych Cocquyt (camera and lightdesign) for Strangelovefestival 2014 at Extra City, Antwerp.

sensor / Yoyogi

SENSOR for Yoyogi: Kruisende elastieken tussen de bomen gidsen je blind langs sensaties van afstand en nabijheid.

Co-creatie met Caroline Mathieu voor Yoyogi van Koen De Preter op Zomer van Antwerpen.